Models - Tropical
- This sophisticated model is designed for use in sub-tropical climates.
- Constructed from hot galvanized steel.
- Polyethylene sheets and netting are attached to the framework by specially
   designed wedge profiles made of galvanized steel and PVC
- Advanced elevated ventilation technology which includes roof windows
   and peripheral curtaining.
- Roof window insect netting without curtaining.
- Hanging system suited to all agricultural crop types.
  Technical Information
  Greenhouse opening   8m.
  Gutter height   4m.
  Maximum height   6m.
  Distance between gutter
  Side and frontal balconies   2.5m.
  Side and frontal curtaining   up to 3.50 m.
  Roof window   up to 1 m.
  Structural wind resistance   up to 120 km/h.
  Hanging stress   up to 25 kg per m2.
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