Agro Business Training Centers
With core values of knowledge, sharing and continuous learning, Agro business has started training since its early days in order to enhance capability and good performance of its customers around the world, namely growers and business partners, such as dealers.

When it comes to training, there is a variety of professional ways to deliver and exchange know-how: One-to-one on-the-field demonstration, regional farmer meetings, a half-day crop seminar, a study visit, etc.

Together with the routine direct training, many of the larger Agro business subsidiaries, such as Mexico and India, offer structured training in equipped indoor and demonstrative outdoor training centers. In Israel there are one such centers managed by the Agro-marketing Division.

Agro business Technology Training Center Established in 2006 in shrona, Israel - Main specialization:
agro technology.

The center aims to deliver knowledge about agro technology, especially about the advantages of the unique lines of Agro Technology.

Agro business customers originated mainly from English and Spanish speaking countries, international business partners such as dealers, irrigation institutes, Academia and many VIP guests.

The training approach of the center is to transmit knowledge to small groups using advanced multimedia tools, in-class presentations, field demonstration and hardcopy supports.

Agro business -technological Research & Training Park established in 2007 in Amman, Jordan.

The main target of the center is to deliver knowledge about a variety of Agro business offers, agro-technologies such as different greenhouse solutions, open field irrigation systems, peripheral equipment and agro-machinery. Our Main specialization: Greenhouse agro-technologies.

Greenhouse - The training has often to do with adapting greenhouse agro-technologies to different climate conditions, crops, water resources, and soils, whether to grow directly in the soil or in growing soil less substrates. Irrigation systems – Low Pressure System (LPS) & Family Drip System (FDS).

Peripheral equipment – Vendor products such as filters. Agro-machinery – Dripper lines installing, extracting and retrieving machinery.

Our company is connected with the "Galilee College", that considered as one of the known and professional academic institutions in Israel:

Galillee College - Israel, is a public, international management-training institution.  The College gives advanced leadership, management and capacity building seminars to professionals coming from all over the globe.  Our International Department offers a core curriculum of over a dozen programmers. Courses are assigned to one of ten academic departments: Agriculture; Business Administration; Education; Environment; Health; Human Resources; National Security; NGOs; Ports and Maritime Transport; and Tourism.

Visit The web Site of The Galillee College - Israel

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