Models - Sahara
- Stores better the heat in cold climate and permit to use cooling pad in hot  regions.
- No water condensation in the greenhouse.
- The greenhouse is asymmetric. This increases the light intensity.
- The greenhouse structure is made of aluminum profiles closed and doesn’t have
   any welding.
- The gutters are hermetically closed. This prevents the penetration of the rain water
   and the insects in the greenhouse.
  Technical Information
  The stucture   is made of galvanized steel and withouts   welding.
  Gable opening   7-9 meters.
  Maximum height   6 meters.
  Distance between gutter
  4 meters.
  Arches   3.5 meters height.
  Gutter height   4-4.5 meters.
  Balcony width   2.5 meters (possible without balcony).
    Special profiles of aluminum, to assure
  the best fastening of net or plastic sheets.
    Possibility to use rigid covered
    Trellising load is up to 25 kg/m2.
    High resistance structure withstands wind
  velocity till 150 km/h.
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