Packing Houses

Sorting and packing your produce can have a great influence on the quality and the end price of your produce.


In order to enjoy the fruits of your investment sorting and packing in accordance to international standards is a most. Agro Business have a vast experience in planning and executing a diversity of packing house models for different crops.
We offer you climate controlled completely isolated steel or concrete structure base structure equipped with diversity of pre-washing washing sorting and packing machines for diversity of crops.
Washing water could be easily heated or cooled upon demand and chlorination equipment s also available.
Cooling rooms and storing spaces are a most in each packing house and they are supplied within the package offered.
Our Agronomists and engineers will examine your market requirements, your crops and the size required to meet your needs and future expansions before offering you the most suitable package.
All of our packages are suited to meet the requirements and standards, of the international market including the EU, USA, UK, Canada and Japan.

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