Turnkey Project - Marketing
Agro business provides distinct and inimitable agriculture produce marketing services. Answering the need to fill the quality and requirements gap between the agriculture production and the target markets, we provide an array of services all aimed at a successful distribution of the agriculture produce.

Capitalizing on our recognizable brand name we provide our unique services with a single goal of achieving higher profits for the producer.

Marketing Services

For our customers we provide our maximum efforts to enable a successful and viable production.
In order to achieve this goal we:

  1. Open target markets for our customers and sell the products to distributors, retail chains and wholesalers.
  2. Preserve the highest quality of produce by closely monitoring every link in the supply chain start with the field through
      transportation to the end customer.
  3. Help the producer achieve the highest return by selecting the most favorable crops and packaging considering prices,
      cost, demand, quality requirements etc.
  4. Link the farm with first-tier category managers of major retail chains.
  5. Prepare the farm for various certifications such as Europe GAP.
  6. Support in creating a unique brand name, if applicable.
  7.Provide our agriculture project customers even prior to the design phase with an essential input of both costs and the
     forecasted income given our intimate knowledge of the target markets.
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