Modern Agriculture is based on maximum utilization of means of production and providing the crops with ideal production conditions. Greenhouses are steel structures covered with either rigged or soft cover. The idea behind utilization of greenhouses in the agri-Industry is providing the plants with micro-climate that is suitable for the production of the desired crops. The major advantage of utilization of said structure is the ability to produce all crops at all climate conditions year round. Greenhouse were erected all around the globe and gave revolutionized the agri-business not just by producing year round but also by providing the customer with high quality produce that is not achievable via traditional agriculture. The greenhouse is climate control structure which have to be suited to the climate conditions and topography of the area.
When choosing the greenhouse structure one should consider the followings:


Greenhouse Design:

When designing the greenhouse one should consider multi factors such as the Temperature of the surroundings, relative humidity, precipitations, wind direction

All of our greenhouse models are made of hot galvanized steel pipes and profiles( model dependent). Our instillation system is based on utilizing fit parts with out wilding
post galvanization. All structure are erected utilizing galvanized screw's and wilding is not permitted. Greenhouse covers is fixed utilizing aluminum profiles and warm treated wood.
The manufacturer guaranty for said structure is 10 years and all of our structures are engineered to withstand a wind velocity of 150km/hr and load of 25kg/sqm.

Natural Roof and Side Ventilation:
Ventilation of the greenhouse is one of the most important factors that influences the types of crops and the utilization of fungicides during cropping season. Suitable ventilation have a major affect on both the temperature and the humidity within the greenhouse.
Agro Business Offers diversity of models, with Natural Roof and lateral windows to a sure perfect ventilation. All openings are controlled either manually or automatically by the climate control system and are adapted to the local climate conditions. Side and roof curtains are independently controlled and operated by different motor-gear systems.

Roof and side covering:
Agro Business offers you the possibility of utilizing three options for the covering of your greenhouse. Glass covering is possible for cold snowy regions while polycarbonate and poly ethylene is recommended for sub-tropical and tropical regions.
All models are supplied with 50 mesh insect net under said cover. When cropping under net houses the net is the only required covering. Agro Business staff of skilled personal will advise you on the best suitable cover for your structure and local conditions to meet your exact needs.

Croping systems:
When investing in greenhouses one should consider utilization of soil less media for cropping. The advantages of utilizing soil less media as compared to soil cropping are will established. The major advantage is the complete control on the fertilize supplied and the ease in sanitation as compared to traditional agriculture especially since the usage of Methyl-bromide is strictly controlled and prohibited worldwide. Agro Business offers you diversity of soil less cropping systems adapted to varieties of crops. Our team will offer you the most suitable cropping system depends on your soil conditions financial capacity and destination markets. Our systems are easily adapted to host all vegetable and herbs varieties including leafy plant and delicate fruits.

Climate control:
The climate control system is aimed to create a specific, microclimate and it controls Temperature, relative humidity and radiation . The controller operates included forced ventilation systems , cooling pads, heaters, bovine sprinklers, lightening and thermal screens. All accessories are designed in accordance with climate conditions of the geographical location of the greenhouse ,and the requirements of the crops intended to be cultured. All climate control sensors are located within the structure and all accessories are governed by climate controller receiving climate data from meteorological station installed on site. The climate controller operate independently and could be by-passed when required.
Agro Business offers you greenhouse at diversity of automation standards from manually operated to
completely automated.

Irrigation and fertigation systems:
Both systems are installed in each greenhouse and are designed in accordance with the water quality and source . The irrigation water should be of certain quality and when required Reverse Osmosis Systems or sedimentation pools are a most. Complete Irrigs systems based on dripping lines including pretreatment of water source are designed specialty per project. Automated fertigation system for mixing and measuring the exact amounts of fertilize required by the plants at different stages of cropping are a most. The system is computer controlled and can serve few structures at the same time. Irrigation systems installed within the greenhouses are controlled by irrigation computer that receives data from sensors installed within the greenhouses and operate whenever required by the plants. Each system is independently designed in accordance to crop and climate requirements. Recycling system for drainage is also require when soil less cropping system is used. Drainage collection and treatment can save up to 30% from the total spending on water and fertilize and minimizes ground water and soil pollution. Agro Business engineers will offer you a range of systems from fully automated to manually operated that will meet your exact needs and spending.

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