Greenhouse Service and Support
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Agro Business ™ has an established agronomist network and database available in most of its global subsidiaries. Agronomic know-how is the essential foundation for any agricultural activity and Agro Business bases its commercial activities on knowledge accumulated from services provided to a wide range of crops and technologies. This accumulated competence backed by global expertise and agronomic know-how strengthens Agro Business relationships with its customers. It also assists in developing optimal greenhouse concepts based on market analysis considerations, climate and soil conditions, economic analysis and financing aspects. Agronomic services are an integral part of Agro Business ongoing contribution to a project over several growing periods following project establishment.


Agro Business extensive agronomic support is based on vast experience acculmulated from working with all the industry's existing greenhouse technologies. Agro Business agronomic network is continuously updated with the most advanced technologies delivered by state-of-the-art R&D institutes around the globe. Agro Business supports customers throughout the entire agronomic process by closely following global market changes and delivering professional advice in:
    Keeping track of market needs for crops / varieties
    Selecting the most appropriate and economically feasible technologies for the relevant crops
    Supporting all growing and post-harvest aspects

Agro Business ™ offers extensive and comprehensive agronomic know-how accumulated over 20 years of experience and performance. Our aim is to efficiently serve customers throughout all stages of project progression in order to optimize economic results.

Agro Business provides customers with a wide range of cost-effective financial consulting and greenhouse financing services delivered by up-to-date professionals in their fields.

Financing Projects
Agro Business is able to assist you in choosing the most suitable financial schemes for your specific project and advise you along the way.

Economic Analysis
Agro Business offers rapid and advanced feasibility studies for project investments, using a unique software program: Agro Business Economic Sales Support System (NESSS). The NESSS includes the most relevant parameters for economic analysis, such as: NPV, IRR, annual cash flow, investment, annual expenditures, revenue, and more.  

Business Plans
Agro Business assists in providing a professional business greenhouse plan in order to optimize investment, business operation and future growth.  

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