Turnkey Project - Consulting
Agro business’ agronomists are skilled personnel with vast experience in modern agriculture and form a team known to be one of the best in the world. The company’s agronomists provide on demand consulting services worldwide. Agro business’ expertise is in Vegetables cropping such as Tomatoes, Bill peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Edible Herbs, Flowers, Roses and Strawberries which are world renowned and are considered as one of the company’s most important assets.

Define your exact needs:
The green house model you chose is durable structure that will serve you for a long period of time once you have erected your greenhouse you have to live with for a long time thus careful analysis of the following will make your investment an advised one and your margin's of error are minimized.

Defining your requirements would involve careful analysis of:
  A. Type of crops intended to be planted and the quality required.
  B. Duration of your cropping season.
  C. Crop requirements under your climate conditions.
  D. Type of weather, maximum temperatures, minimum temperatures, Wind velocity, Humidity, Radiation and snow load.
  E. Define your cropping method, i.e. Soil, soil less, hydroponics etc.
  F. Topography of your lot.
  G.Type and source of water and the water quality and availability.

Once you have defined your exact needs you can easily choose the model and the accessories you need for advised decision.
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