A letter from Agro Group.

Agro-Business ltd is one of Israel's leading companies for the design, engineering distributing and installation of greenhouses and agricultural turnkey projects includes nurseries and packing houses. Agro business’ models are designed to suit diversity of climate conditions starts from snowy regions to arid deserts.

Turnkey Projects
Agro business’ turnkey projects are complete production units that include, in single location, all required facilities to assure production of seedlings, production of crops and storing high quality produce. The company’s mission is to provide customers and business partners with all means of production to enable them to get the best out of their investment in the shortest possible period.

Exact Planning
The company believes that successful projects start with exact planning and end with excellent performance in installation, technology transfer and on site follow up of each of the projects. Agro business’ provides all means of success. Agro business’ strives to provide customers with the means and knowledge to produce the highest quality possible produce, while keeping the environment green and free of pollution.

Arctic, Tunnel, Sahara, Net house and Tropical models.

Agro business offers the most sophisticated nurseries both for commercial and self requirements. All models are turnkey products that include all the required facilities for the operation of modern nursery. The company’s nurseries are made of hot galvanized steel structures covered with screen net and either soft or rigged covers and are fully climate controlled.

Technology Transfer and Consulting Services Consultation
Agro business’ agronomists are skilled personnel with vast experience in modern agriculture and form a team known to be oneof the best in the world. Our company’s agronomists provide on demand consulting services worldwide. Agro business’ expertise is in Vegetables cropping such as Tomatoes, Bill peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Edible Herbs, Flowers, Roses and Strawberries which are world renowned and are considered as one of the company’s most important assets. Agro business agronomists accompany all customers from planning of their projects via installation and throughout the first cropping season. The company’s agronomists transfer all required technology including cropping methodology to local agronomists. Each customer is connected to Our company main servers and data bases and consulting can be conducted via the Internet with experts around the globe.

Agro business’ expertise includes:
• Hydroponic system
• Irrigation and fertigation systems
• Water, soil and substrate analysis
• Drainage water recycling
• Water treatment
• Computerized irrigation and fertilization control systems
• Climate control
• Vegetable, fresh herbs and flower croping.
• Phytopatology and Entomology
• Integrated pest and disease management
• Post harvest and transportation

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